Rowenta DW5080 Review – Why not Perfect?

Rowenta is manufacturing small household since 1988. Rowenta DW5080 is one of the most popular product of Rowenta because of its ultimate precision and enhanced features with reasonable price tag. In addition to modernized overall design, the Rowenta DW5080 focus steam iron has ergonomic thermostat knob with precise reading of the settings. The thermostat dial contains international markers with dots corresponding to synthetic fabrics, wool, silk, cotton and linen.

Rowenta DW5080 can also be used for dry ironing. You just need to set the variable steam control to Dry and set the temperature to suit the type of material with the help of thermostat dial. Moreover it is packed with other wonderful features and functions like vertical steam function. Lets have a bird eye view of these features then we will talk in depth about these features.

Rowenta DW5080 Review

Rowenta DW5080 Review

In this Rowenta DW5080 focus review, we will go through the in depth description of all the features, performance and design of Rowenta DW5080 focus. But If you want a short statement then Rowenta DW5080 is ergonomically designed, performance oriented and reasonably priced German brand made steam iron is recommended for you. Although it has some cons as well but they are on the low side and can be ignored.

But if you want complete review before spending money then after reading this, you will have an idea about weather you should buy it or not. So without wasting further time, lets get started.

Notable features of Rowenta DW5080 Focus

  • 1700 WATT power
  • Vertical steam
  • High Precision tip
  • Anti drip
  • Self cleaning system
  • 10 oz water tank capacity
  • 400 micro holes soleplate
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Stable rest hill
  • 3 ways Auto off


Rowenta DW5080 is performance oriented steam iron. It glides very smoothly and the steam generated is very fine and spreads over perfectly. The other strong point that makes its performance even more powerful is its high precision tip. It maneuvers the narrow areas of the fabrics like shirt, very easily. Its soleplate is designed so beautifully that it can removes wrinkles within seconds very smoothly. So, if performance is your primary goal then I highly recommend this Rowenta product for you.


Rowenta DW5080

Design is one of the main thing to keep in mind when buying any steam iron. Rowenta DW5080 not just looks ergonomic but it is designed to provide comfort. It is designed very intelligently, the temperature knob is placed near the handle so that you can comfortably control temperature while ironing. It makes the ironing experience more easy and quick. Moreover, it looks very elegant and feels premium. The temperature reading and water tank marks are clear and easy to read. So in terms of design, my recommendations are with this unit.

1700 Watt high power

This high wattage feature is usually found in expensive steam irons. But the Rowenta DW5080 also comes with this feature with very low/reasonable price. So it reaches the desired temperature faster because of the higher wattage. It not only saves your time but also make make clothes ironing more comfortable and quick.

The vertical steam function

Another premium feature of Rowenta DW5080 is the vertical steam function. This wonderful function provides you the comfort of ironing fabrics in situ or on a hanger. It removes wrinkles from your clothes in hanger.

Note: Never use the vertical steam function on an item being worn by someone. Because it produces very hot steam.

High precision tip

The stainless steel made strong soleplate of Rowenta DW5080 comes with the high precision tip, with a sharper point, for perfect ironing results. It gives you easy access to narrow areas, specially when ironing shirts, it proves very useful.

Self cleaning system

The Rowenta DW5080 an integrated self calc to prevent the scale from aggregating due to hard water. So you don’t need to use distilled water every time because you can use the plain tap water for steam, it will not damage your iron and it is completely safe.

Soleplate with 400 micro holes soleplate

For perfect smooth glide across the fabric and perfect steam disbursement, the Rowenta DW5080 has soleplate with 400 micro holes. It is very well balanced and flat that is why the surface area is large. The shine of stainless steel makes it even more beautiful and long lasting, because it does not catches rust and stainless steel is non sticky. The soleplate disburses very fine steam which gives smooth and comfortable clothing iron experience.

Comfortable handle design

One of the best feature of Rowenta DW5080 is its comfortable handle design. The design is so gorgeous. The temperature selection dial is close to the handle and it can rotate freely. It makes the easy to contact dial while ironing and makes ironing effortless.

Thinking to buy Rowenta DW5080?

If you are looking to buy DW5080, then along with its features and functions, you should also know all the pro and cons. I have already described its features, now lets discuss the pros and the cons of Rowenta DW5080. These will clear your doubts help you to make decision.

The pros

  1. Thick soleplate with 400 micro holes gives fine steam and glides very smoothly.
  2. The comfortable design makes ironing effortless.
  3. Because of Large 10 oz water reservoir, you don’t need to fill water again and again.
  4. Integrated anti calc system is everlasting and works perfectly.
  5. High profiled precision tip reaches narrow areas easily.

The cons

  1. The soleplate and bulky water reservoir makes it heavy.
  2. Because of the 400 micro holes, it consumes more water with every steam and you need to refill it.
  3. The long cord is not retractable.
  4. After 2 to 3 months, like other steam irons, water leakage may appear in it as well.


Due to its high performance, comfortable design and all the other wonderful features, I can recommend Rowenta DW5080 confidently. Because you get all this from a well known brand in very much reasonable price. One thing that you should keep in mind is its water leakage problem. But if you carefully read the user manual and follow the guide lines given in it, then you can make it long lasting. Otherwise in this price tag, this steam iron is a wise choice to spend money on.

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