Driving in Hawaii With A Kid

My Mini VanIn this post I talk about how I used Tint Masters Maui to tint my car.

Is it just me or is it really hard to go anywhere with kids in the car? When I was pregnant, I spent a long time researching which was the best car seat. I read a ton of reviews online and visited local stores to check out the options in person. I thought I got a good car seat but my son never really liked it. Driving with a baby in the car is hard enough but when they are in a car seat they don’t like, it really is awful.

I actually did not even realize the car seat was an issue for a long time. It was an infant one and seemed comfortable enough. I think the real reason he didn’t like it was because he could not see anything. Kids need to be rear facing up to a certain weight and height. Once he was two years old, and seemed like he was out-growing his infant seat, we got him a new one where he sits forward. Wow! What a difference! He loves going for car rides now. He gets to see all the chickens and cats in the road. We go for outings to check out goats, cows and horses. He always says, “Sit in my new car seat now?”
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Me Time!

mom-hammockAs a  mother of a young son, it is so hard to find time for myself. Between caring for my child, work, my husband, chores and unexpected obstacles, days can pass by without even realizing that I haven’t taken one moment to focus on myself. I believe that “me time” is so important.I recently decided that I would try my best to incorporate it into my life every single day. Even 15 minutes can make a huge difference and help me to feel relaxed and refreshed.

I often run to the grocery store and spend some extra time there and get a coffee, take a walk around the shopping center or even just sit in my car and listen to music. I take our dog on a walk by myself as often as I can. I love to swim and try to get to the pool at least a couple of times a week. Exercise for me is one of the best outlets because you get quiet time and also get a workout in, which is near impossible to fit in every day. Me time helps me to prepare for whatever is coming next and also makes me feel more at ease and calm with whatever chaos may be occurring around me. Most of the time, the house is pretty chaotic with loud television, music, feisty kids, barking dogs and an utter mess which feels like visual noise. I truly cherish the moments I can get some quiet.
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Being A Mom

motherhood mauiI had my child pretty late according to normal standards. Both my mom and sister had babies at age 24 and that seems to be the average age. I had mine at 37. My son is two years old now. That means I’ll be 74 by the time he is my age! I cannot get over the thought of that. I just keep telling myself that 70 will become the new 50.

Becoming a mother later than the average person has allowed me to have the perception of two view points, one as a childless professional and another as a working mom. Both roles are important but I can say now that even though I imagined how it would be as a mother, I never could have pictured how it actually is.

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